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Taxes in the Back

In October 2010 I wrote my debut blog post over at Deucescracked.  I have enjoyed discussing tax and appreciate your continued interest in reading taxdood.  The online gaming industry is taking an interesting turn in the United States, and I’m looking forward to covering the developments.  Plus, taxes are not going away, so neither am I.

As you can see, the blog’s name has changed.  I decided to subtly pay tribute to the activity that got this blog up and running: playing “poker in the back” of casinos.  The name seems appropriate also because taxes apply to everyone; taxes always should be at least in the back of our minds.

With the blog’s new layout, you can navigate the sidebar even when viewing individual posts.  The previous layout didn’t offer that feature, and it irked me.  We’ll see what other widgets I can incorporate.

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