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Lil Wayne Slapped with $5.4 Million Tax Lien

Another celebrity, another federal tax lien.

It’s no secret that the IRS is targeting the rich.  Indeed, federal and state tax agencies operate most efficiently when they pursue the deepest pockets.  The latest victim: American rapper Lil Wayne.

The IRS recently filed a federal tax lien on Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.’s Miami residence, which is currently on sale for just under $13 million, to secure back taxes of $3.35 million for 2008 and $2.26 million for 2009.  The house is rather nice to look at, but it needs a new owner.

Another American rapper, Ja Rule, recently pleaded guilty to federal income tax evasion in federal court in Newark, NJ.  Ja Rule admitted to failing to pay taxes on over $3 million in income earned between 2004 and 2006.  He faces sentencing in June.

It’s unfortunate to see time and time again musicians who quickly rise to the top fall from their fame just as quickly.  One can only hope the innocent learn from the others’ mistakes.

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