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Losing Bet for Massachusetts Attorney

Last week, a Massachusetts attorney was indefinitely suspended from practicing law for various offenses, including illegal gambling.

According to the Summary Order issued by the Massachusetts Bar of Overseers, for nearly twenty years the attorney placed bets with a bookie, and in return the attorney rendered legal services for the bookie and his family. One doesn’t need a law license to deduce that receipt of payment for legal services via reduction of illicit gambling debts won’t keep an attorney in good standing.

To make matters worse, the attorney borrowed thirty grand from the bookie, and allowed the bookie to set up the illegal gambling operation in the attorney’s basement. The attorney even assisted in the running of the operation by answering telephone calls.

If that wasn’t enough for a law license suspension, in another matter the attorney encouraged a “friend” to structure cash withdrawals in order to avoid the bank from issuing Currency Transaction Reports. The attorney wanted some of this money to repay the bookie. Unfortunately, intentionally avoiding cash withdrawal reporting requirements is against the law.

There are both good and bad attorneys in the world. I’ll let you decide how to characterize this one.

(Hat tip: Legal Profession Blog)

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