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Gaga Goes Goofy (Again)

Lady Gaga is arguably today’s most popular American singer and songwriter. Put by Wikipedia, “[h]er career has been a continuous experimentation with new musical ideas and new images and a constant quest for new heights of fame and acclaim.”

Apparently, now she’s experimenting with taking her tax returns, well, not so seriously. Gaga recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show, and their chat aired today. The tax-related discussion begins around 1:40:



In response, Ellen wittily reminded us of Notorious BIG’s observation: “Mo Money, Mo Problems.”

From my experience, most people don’t enjoy the process of handling their taxes. If they did, then maybe I would be out of work. But many people take their dislike to the extreme by signing their tax return without first reviewing it. Unfortunately, this action is not a defense to mistakes on the return. Just a few extra minutes spent ahead of time could save one from experiencing major headaches—and back taxes—later on.

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