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Hogan Settles with Australian Tax Office

Back in August I wrote about Paul Hogan and his ongoing spat with the Australian Tax Office. Hogan played Mick Dundee in the 1986 hit film “Crocodile” Dundee.

The Australian is reporting Hogan and artistic collaborator John Cornell have finally settled their tax dispute. “It will be nice not to talk about tax all the time,” Hogan told the local paper.

Speak for yourself, Dundee.

Kidding aside, the settlement reached will be kept in confidence.

Hogan’s lawyer did reveal the Departure Prohibition Order issued against Hogan has been revoked. In 2010, Hogan returned to his homeland to attend his mother’s funeral. While he was there, Australian authorities issued the restraining order against him in an attempt to collect on back taxes.

Hogan was among many high-profile targets of Project Wickenby, a multi-agency investigation launched in 2004 seeking to uncover offshore structures shielding large amounts of income from taxation.

Hogan has maintained his innocence. For a while, the Dundee bravado in him was on display during the investigation, as Hogan stated he’d be happy to settle if authorities paid him $10 million Australian. (Today, $1 Australian converts to $1.0425 US.)

At 72 years young, Hogan appears to have finally succumbed to pragmatism.

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