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No Money, Mo Problems

September 30th, 2011 No comments

When we pay our taxes, whether to the IRS, or to a state or city tax department, we fairly assume that our payments actually end up in that government’s coffers. Unfortunately, this assumption does not always hold true.

Earlier this week, federal prosecutors charged District of Columbia tax office employee Mary Ayers-Zander with wire fraud. Allegedly, Ms. Ayers-Zander adjusted withholding credits of various taxpayer accounts, and transferred the adjustment amounts, totaling over $400,000, to bank accounts she controlled.

You would think that the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue implements internal controls preventing such actions. At least I would, considering that very office uncovered a $48 million embezzlement scheme just over three years ago.

All the time At times, taxpayers disagree with how governmental bodies allocate hard-earned dollars. Not everyone can agree. But when a government loses taxpayer money before having the opportunity to spend it, we can all agree that is an inexcusable failure.

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